If you pay a monthly fee for your UK bank account, we maybe able to help you claim back every penny you have ever paid

Average refunds are around £1500-£2000​

You can still claim back these monthly charges even if you intentionally signed up for the account.

Claim Back Your Packaged Bank Account Charges

A packaged Bank Account or PBA is an account where the banks provide a current account to you for a fee. In order to justify the fee that they take they bolt on several products that may or may not benefit you in your daily life.

There are millions of these accounts in operation throughout the UK where the sales tactics for promoting them has been investigated and called into question by the regulators the Financial Conduct Authority.

How do I know if I have been mis-sold a packaged bank account?

The banks failed to sell these accounts inappropriately in many ways as in order to sell the PBA account properly they should have assessed if the various bolt on ‘benefits’ were either applicable, not duplicated or relevant to your circumstance. The various areas of mis-selling are as below where if you fall into one or more the account was likely to have been mis-sold.

  • The bank told or advised that to obtain a loan or mortgage one of these accounts was required.
  • The account just appeared and you were not sure how you were given the account.
  • The bank should have explained the account and the details of how it worked and what you got for your money and in doing so ascertaining if it was appropriate. If they didn’t they should have!
  • If a free account was not offered as a genuine alternative or you were told it was not available to you the account was likely to have been mis-sold.
  • The bank in explaining the account stated that the policies in the account could be claimed against for your benefit without establishing if there were no exclusions would be a case of the packed account being mis-sold
  • If you were given the flannel about being a privileged customer and so glazing over a correct run through of the product to meet your needs would have meant a miss-sale took place.
  • The bank did not establish if you had any medical conditions that would not be covered by the policies on the account then the account would have been inappropriate and mis-sold
  • When the PBA account was sold you were not clearly shown that certain items to obtain the cover had to be registered to obtain the cover over those items.